Competent nurses are essential to patient safety and optimal results for patients. The Lippincott / Laerdal simulators allow nursing students to experience real-world scenarios that correspond to their course of care, to build capacity and strengthen the critical thinking skills. Nurses increase their knowledge base with clinical scenarios that fit their specialty.The first product is a Medical-Surgical Nursing simulation package that provides clinical scenarios using Web content to be the 12th edition of Brunner & Suddarth Textbook of Medicine – Surgical Nursing, Lippincott nursing consultant, a program of online reference with more than 2,100 evidence-based, quick access new diseases, diagnostic tests, medications, treatments and care programs and procedures and skills of Lippincott, an online program with over 900 step-by-step treatment procedures based on evidence and experience and more of 1200 color images and video.

David Johnson, president of Laerdal Medical, Americas, added: ‘It ‘an exciting time for those involved in the training of nurses, as this is the first time will be able to experience the systematic integration of academic content from a publisher with large-scale simulations of patients. ‘

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