The higher the income, it seems that the biggest concern for the safety of children while they surf the Internet.People with a household income of $ 100 000 or more a year were more likely to see the Internet as a major safety problem for children in their communities.

25 percent of adults in the lowest income group were concerned about the harmful chemicals.

Bullying seems to be on the radar for the participants of the middle class – as well as the low-income families or more.

At the end of months of pilot sites selected to start working with the government team projects PBR function to retrieve the drugs to begin to co-develop the details of the pilot, with the aim to be operational by October 2011.

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The researchers say that the responses of adults from lower income households and Hispanics added to the top ten this problem. Over 30 percent of Hispanic adults concerned about the toxic chemicals in their environment.

ADHD or attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, has been a much bigger concern among adults living in households with low income and middle-income adults from high-income families.

The national survey on the relationship of children’s health clearly shows that adults in America are very concerned about the problem of childhood obesity and its causes, says Matthew M. Davis, MD, in a press release.

The researchers say that this was the first year that both bullying, ADHD , and chemicals to the environment has made the top ten.

Thirty-five % of adults surveyed ranked childhood obesity as a big problem for the children of today. How different from last year? Obesity is classified as the third of 2007.

Adults with lower incomes abuse of substances classified as a major concern of participants of the rich and middle class.

In 2007, smoking is considered the greatest concern for children. 52 percent of participants rated their concern Hispanics.

The survey was conducted in April of this year among adults in 2064. They were given twenty different health problems and asked to rate those of a big problem .

Twenty-one % of adults polled rated a top health issue for children.

What would you say are the biggest problems facing our children today? A new survey of adults – including those with and without children – shows that childhood obesity is a health problem No 1.