Patricia Quinn – Executive Director, Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy – said that the children decide for themselves when they become sexually active, and we can not control that. He added: But we can ensure that these decisions when there are adults to care for and support the current .Committee Chairman Peter Grosso said that the new policy that would limit the distribution of condoms to fifth graders and up. Grosso said Superintendent Beth Singer – who is the author of the policy – said the committee should rewrite so that it is self-explanatory , including perhaps the text so that there would be no real quality to the exclusion of young people . Grosso said he voted against the limitation of condoms to high school students.

The results were published by Yale researchers and colleagues in the December 15 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The policy is expected to effect this fall. Parental notification is not necessary . School District Committee should meet Tuesday to discuss policy changes, reports the Globe.

The policy also drew the attention of advocacy groups. Kris Mineau, president of the conservative Massachusetts Family Institute, has criticized the policy as an absolute push to promote sexual promiscuity and a flagrant violation of the rights of parents .

ABC World News on Thursday reported the controversy surrounding the policy and the decision of the Board to review the issue .