Super-light cream base combined with soothing Aloe Vera to give a glow effect that even fools high definition cameras. Bright is formulated with Aloe Vera microscopic crystals that act like prisms not widespread, not only the rays of light, but also give a shiny appearance that is the brilliance and luster. This is the stuff of many of Hollywood makeup artists to make the skin look dull dynamic and flexible. In addition to the high concentration of Aloe Vera, Bright also contains avocado oil, oil of black cumin and carrot seed oil, ingredients with strong anti-aging properties. Soothes the skin glowing, providing a softening effect that creates a visible reduction of redness, wrinkles and stainsComplete your skin care routine with the keys butter eyes, bright eyes mainly. Keys Solar Rx includes UVA / UVB protection in a database Bright. The result is a natural light inside and out, day and evening.

Like its sister product look Butter, light creates a soft focus filter to the skin and works to diffuse light to trick the camera. This feature makes it extremely useful for the film brilliant and allows the composition itself to be used both inside and outside, without having to change to all light conditions.

Although it is unlikely that many of us will never be behind the camera, it’s always nice to hear about the beauty secrets used by those who know, so you may be interested to know Bright Moisturizer Keys.

Brilliant Key was developed in collaboration with Hollywood makeup artists to provide a moisturizing base and a soft focus effect for high-definition television and film actors to give a smooth look smooth in the world, all indicative of HD.