Every drug, before he sees the world have a detailed description of its properties, the mechanism of action, the possible side effects, precautions and recommendations from the outlet. All this information is expressed in an understandable manner to inform patients of the main features of preparation and the main risk that may be faced when taking medication, how to avoid them or resolve the problems in case of side effects nizagara read more . This information is applied to drug packaging and must be read before starting to take. Sildenafil citrate should not be taken with other medications that contain nitrates, including nitroglycerin, or with antifungal medications, ritonavir and Nizagara. Because it can cause side effects and retires as fever, nosebleeds, headaches, or sinus and nasal infections. People should be cautious while taking sildenafil citrate if they suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure or low traffic or blood vessel disorders or a severe form of liver or kidney problems. But unfortunately it is not possible to describe the whole nature of each preparation in the little note, this is why the patients for more details, contact the doctor and conduct analyzes of health conditions.


Health literacy is particularly important for patients with renal failure on dialysis. They must attend treatment sessions several days a week, follow dietary and fluid restrictions, and adhere to complex drug regimens, which require patients to understand and act upon the information relating to the health complex. Jamie Green, MD (University of Pittsburgh) and colleagues tested 260 patients in long term dialysis with a tool that assesses the ability to read words and medical terms for body parts and illnesses.

~ Louisiana: a federal lawsuit against a new law allowing Louisiana Department of Health immediately to stop the abortion clinics for health and safety problems is the latest challenge abortion-related laws passed by the States this year, reports the Shreveport Times . Five abortion clinics Louisiana last week filed a federal lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals on the new law, saying it was unconstitutional and could allow arbitrary execution. According to clinical, fear that under the new law, public health officials move to revoke the licenses without allowing them to correct the problems, were able to do before the law was passed. The President of the National Abortion Federation, Vicki Saporta and CEO said the new law is that NAF calls targeted regulation of abortion services. He said: It is not a reason to go to Louisiana since the legislation they were passing, except to make it more difficult for women to access abortion services, and this is the ultimate goal of these restrictions. Saporta said that measures such as the law of Louisiana are among the defenders of the anti-abortion strategy of chipping away at Roe v. Wade (Brumble, Shreveport times 9/26).

Patients with less than a high school diploma has outlined a 12-fold greater risk of health literacy and African-Americans and veterans were more likely to have three times the Healthy limited literacy. The researchers are currently following these individuals to determine if limited health literacy affects how patients adhere to dialysis treatment, if they undergo a kidney transplant, and if they die prematurely.