We are extremely pleased to be part of this national network of researchers at the forefront of neonatal medicine, said Nelin, also a professor of pediatrics at Ohio State University College of Medicine. This designation is a testament to the work of the Perinatal Research Centre is designed to help improve the lives of children more vulnerable. The Center for Perinatal Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is the center of eighteenth join this network. The Centre will contribute patient data to a record of very low birth weight. This register provides information network including investigators early days of hospitalization, gestational age, birth weight, respiratory care, delivery room resuscitation, necrotizing enterocolitis, intraventricular hemorrhage, sepsis and mortality rates.

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Led by principal investigator Leif Nelin, MD, Acting Director, Division of Neonatology Children’s Hospital and director of the National Research Center for Perinatal Research Institute, the network has been established to assist in multicenter clinical trials and observational studies in neonatal medicine.

Founded in 1986, there was a need for more clinical trial sites to provide a large population from which samples can be drawn.